Marriage Preparation

Are you recently engaged?

Are you or your fiancé a member of our parish?

Have you been thinking about celebrating your marriage here at St. Martin of Tours?

Would you like to sanctify your civil marriage with a faithful ceremony?

It is important to know that we delight in celebrating the marriages of our registered parishioners! Often, though, we receive phone calls from engaged couples who consider the Church to be much like a reception "venue," another place to book in the list of "to do's" for the wedding planning. We do not consider ourselves a venue. Our Church is a sacred space, your Parish home, the place where you will exchange your sacred vows in the presence of God, family and friends. Your wedding day is a holy and sacred occasion in the eyes of the Church and we treat it as such here at St. Martin of Tours.

Because of that, we take Marriage Preparation as seriously as the wedding itself. Before we ever set a date on our calendar, we meet with the couple and make a plan for the pre-marriage preparation. We love to work closely in this pre-marriage process and to assist in the pre-planning for the ceremony. We take ALL of what comes before the wedding seriously.

If this sounds like your idea of marriage and St. Martin of Tours is your parish, set an appointment with the parish office to get started with your preparation. 


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