Baptism Preparation

Our Baptism Prep program is offered for parents and godparents preparing for the baptism of their infant or small children ages 4-6. Children over the age of six, teens, and adults hoping to receive the Sacrament of Baptism will be a part of our Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) program. See below for more information, or contact the parish office to learn more. 


Terri Nido

Phone: (253) 922-7882

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Infant Baptism Preparation

For parents and Godparents of children under the age of 4

Winter/Spring class schedule:

Sunday, February 2nd, 11:15am

Sunday, March 1st, 11:15am

Sunday, April 26th, 11:15am

Sunday, May 10th, 11:15am

Sunday, June 7th, 11:15am

Classes begin at 11:15pm following the 10am Mass. Please stay in the church until Deacon Pat gathers the parents and godparents. Forms will be handed out at the class. 

We delight in celebrating baptisms during our regular Saturday evening and Sunday celebrations of Mass. It is not easy to raise a child without help and support today. Parents readily acknowledge that they need the love and prayers of the entire community. That is why we celebrate every Baptism in a community of believers. We ask that all parents and Godparents complete Baptism Preparation once every two years. We form young parents in a clear understanding of the responsibilities they are taking on when they choose Baptism for their child. We also spend time helping them get to know other young families, and we try to offer networking, babysitting connections and parenting helps. Our goal is to provide a very friendly environment to introduce young new parents to each other in hopes that friendships may form over time.  Class is typically held once per month. To find out about upcoming Baptism Prep classes, call or e-mail Terri Nido at (253) 922-7882 or email

Big Kids' Baptism Prep

For children ages 4-6, along with parents and Godparents

We will take great care once a child is old enough to understand his or her own Baptism. The Baptism Preparation for children ages 4-6 include the child and the parents, and we will prepare them both for a full Baptism. We want to be certain that this is something the child understands and remembers. Children over the age of six who have never been Baptized will be a part of our RCIA for children and prepared for full initiation in the Catholic Church along with our adults. For more information, call or e-mail Terri Nido at (253) 922-7882 or email.  

Adult Volunteers!

We need volunteers who regularly attend our 5pm Saturday or 10am Sunday Masses, who would be willing to assist with the set up on the day of Baptism, and who can help families feel welcome and comfortable. This would likely be no more than once a month but requires someone with the gift of hospitality and organization. It is helpful to have a team of two. If interested, contact Terri Nido by email or phone at (253) 922-7882 or email.